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Welcome to CrossFit Taumata  :



May the bar feel light,

May the run be uphill,

May the wind be against you,

May you always get 1 more pull up,

May the rope move faster under you,

May the day hold a PB!!

May the night hold much rest,

May your muscles be sore,

May the clock be your friend,

May you pass on the gift.

     CROSSFIT !!

Taumata is owned and managed by Garry Jones and Fred Asi. Both are ex NZ Serviceman and are passionate about supporting our community with their journey in Crossfit.

The Whanau we have here at Taumata are our greatest success, some joined with CrossFit experience, others with absolutely no idea of what Crossfit was all about. This is the beauty of CrossFit – anyone can safely learn the skills necessary to do CrossFit, as long as you have the commitment to do it!!

Our supporting coaches  Dave Alder, Abe Tahere, Temira Hetherington,  Kareem Dennison, Josh Bremner, James Pulehega and Cam Urgent. Overseas at the present time, is coach Genaya  Nahu. With any of these coaches you can be assured of an awesome workout, tailored to your ability and experience!!

Our next Introduction Course will be nice and early in Feb 2018.. For those who are interested in giving Crossfit a go, and registering on the FeIntro , let us know and we’ll organise a trial for you Jan 2018, its closer then you think, so don’t put it off.


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