August 2014

Hine Edwards

Just finished six week intro, good support from the trainers Fred, Garry and Noki. Thanks Kerry for the introduction and support you gave me and my niece. I will never forget this place.
Definitely going mainstream

Nat King -Paratene 

6 week intro 3…5kg loss….new crossfit famz…..mean awhi from every1….awesome trainers….fred and garry and noki…and a happy smiley welcome when u enter CF taumata from kerry…. wat else is there to say :)….

Eddie March. May  2015

In July 2014, good friends of mine convinced me to consider Crossfit and check out the last session of an Intro course their son was in. I had been physically inactive from any sports for over 20 years, overweight, completely out of shape, stuck to the couch with a TV remote in hand, so was genuinely concerned whether I would cope. I was welcomed by Coaches Garry and Fred. I shared my concern with Garry about coping/struggling with the intensity of training. Garry made a very profound statement that remains prominent in my mind. “All WODs are measurable. Don’t measure yourself against anyone else. If you WOD better than the last time, you’ve made a gain.” Two other statements of wisdom from Coach Garry during my Intro course were “You can’t out train a poor diet” and “If you choose a lifestyle change to improve your level of health, fitness and wellbeing, we’d be happy to share that journey with you.” I joined mainstream sessions in August 2014 and enjoy the variety of fitness disciplines covered, with results based challenges that are measured. Many thanks to Coaches Garry, Fred, Noki, Joel, Genaya, Kareem and Dave!!! Their wealth of experience and shared knowledge is evident with their ‘lead by example’ attitude towards improving fitness and encouraging you to push to your limits, whilst ensuring you maintain technique and form.

Coaches Garry and Fred are constantly upgrading and/or purchasing new equipment at the box, so there are always new challenges for members. As for the members, I’ve made some wonderful friends at Crossfit Taumata. We are likeminded people that enjoy training hard, measuring gains, celebrating successes, and supporting one another. I consider them whanau.

In summary, I’ve discovered it is never too late to make lifestyle changes to improve your fitness. A year ago, I would have thought it inconceivable to be doing WODs 4 times a week, and would have lmao at the suggestion. Now, I can’t imagine life without it. I’m very grateful to my friends for introducing me to and convincing me to try Crossfit. I took a power of convincing, but they got me there. My only regret is I waited till I turned 50yo before I started. I invite you to come into CF Taumata, talk to one of the coaches and check it out for yourself. Start your journey now…..

Ed Marsh

Eddie Marsh  Nov 2016

The box is looking amazing as always. The lifting cages level with the rubber flooring is an excellent idea. I really appreciate that CFT management regularly look to have improvements done to the box, and to constantly have new and upgraded equipment. I’m convinced we have the best equipped and maintained CF box compared to any others I’ve visited or seen.

Ok, see you at the box,